It won’t always be like this

The window of Cryptogram in Northside with beautiful analog slices of color Jon Flannery of Cryptogram has been teaming up with Joe Walsh to entertain the notion of chance and creation—as they call it, Take a Moment. They’re always up to something and this display in the window is a solid moment indeed. Sidenote: Jon […]


The good things that happened

Of course I voted. And I’m having a coffee this morning, keeping my eyes on the good things that happened. Post update, more good news: All 19 Black Women Running for Judge in a Texas Race Won Tuesday Night The US just elected 9 new scientists to Congress, including an ocean expert, a nurse, and […]

A slice of time with Zan

Unstructured time spent with a friend is so nice.

Urban Artifact

Met up with a friend that had a rare few days in-between chemo sessions where she could enjoy a beer. Though nausea does play a large part, there’s also a strange side effect of not being able to eat, drink or even TOUCH anything that is cold. (Which is a real bummer considering what the […]

Northside Vodka

A gift from my mom. Haven’t broken the seal yet, but noting the moment with her garden as a fine backdrop.

A special dress

My brother Robert sent a text with an image of this dress saying mom was keen on it. ‘Nuff said. What’s her size? I asked. Within the week we were able to see how lovely it was. My mom? She’s beautiful.

Glasses up

This is how it is for me too, since the optometrist said bifocals were an option, but the bottom prescription would not have any correction. The other approach is simply to remove your glasses when wanting to see something up close. So now I put my glasses up when working, or set them aside and […]