Into the Spiderverse

Two enthusiastic thumbs up for Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse. I feel like this is the first comic book movie that actually feels like a comic book. Delightful in every way.

The Last Jedi

Had some time to fill before watching The Last Jedi (for the second time) so wandered through a bookstore. I’ve got a big stack of books I need to read but I did find their ultra-tiny vinyl section dense with potential. Grabbed a magazine with Mediterranean diet recipes and a Prince CD of all things […]

Coco and the retail apocalypse

I really thought the theater would be a bit busier on evening of Thanksgiving, but maybe that’s a Christmas thing. The retail area outside was strangely (but wonderfully) devoid of humans. I do worry about the retail apocalypse, though I’m not sure why. I’m all for efficiency, so if we replace these structures with gardens […]


Click360° was set up at the Levee and we needed a bit of excitement after long stretches of snoozing during that new 007 movie. So Brown, Casey and I did that Charlie’s Angels thing and you can see my plumber’s crack.

The Martian

I tried reading The Martian, but there was all that math at the beginning and it was hard. So I was happy to see the film adaptation, and it was solid for the most part. The theater audience was actually quiet and I didn’t see a phone screen flash once. So pleasing. Korean food and […]


The carpet at the AMC can hide kernels of popcorn and vomit with ease. I was there to see Interstellar, which I enjoyed well enough—because I don’t think too hard about these things. It likely helped that I didn’t read reviews beforehand. But that might’ve alerted me to the three hour runtime. I would have allocated […]

Not the best image to represent The Cabin in the Woods

This is a scene outside of the theater where we caught The Cabin in the Woods, which would have been much cooler movie to see at night probably. A fun enough flick.

Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup

Watched the game catching up with my friends Jodi and Nick. And though I keep taking casual pictures of the pair, I never review properly and don’t notice the shots are too blurry until I get home. I’m blaming the beer.