New Year’s Eve 2017

Celebrated New Year’s Eve with an early dinner and a cocktail. Home by 9pm! The menu for the evening. Bad front facing camera shot of the crew. Forgot to bang on pans or eat sauerkraut at midnight.

New Year’s Eve, 2015

New Year’s Eve kicked off with a prix fixe dinner at Salazar. First I should mention, I stutter and stammer when I try to pronounce “prix fixe.” Second, I was mortified and sad that, as the first customers, we were seated right next to the door which let in freezing air. But? It was delicious. […]

The last day of 2010

There was Pictionary. And even more Pictionary. I’d just like to take this opportunity to whine that I never got to draw. Gabe cuts into roast beef while the winter vegetables hang out in the background. We played an old game of Charades from 1968. It had gems like: “A man says what he knows, a […]

New Year’s Eve

An unexpected dinner at Honey in Northside was delicious. I dropped off my friend at a tavern where she rang in the new year, and got her winter coat stolen. Dagnabbit. I rang in 2010 watching CNN at home and watching the ball drop with some New Belgium brew. Reflecting on the year that was, […]