Experimenting with jewelry

Walked into the studio and Tom was laying out all this jewelry on the table. It’s an exploration for a project he’s been working on. I asked if it was cool to make a photo and  share online. He said sure. Looks a bit Dorling Kindersley-ish in this manifestation, but he pushed it in different directions since.


Tom’s middle child is obsessed with Mario and it’s awesome to have a cohort that enjoys platforming with the plumber as much as I do. Though he’s only 6, I have a feeling this kid is going to quickly surpass my gaming abilities. Which is cool, because then he can help me through the hard […]

R.Ring and me giving a talk about something

I’ve posted about this on our studio blog, but the long and short of it is: Kelley Deal and Mike Montgomery are residents at the South Park Tavern every Tuesday in April. They’re having friends kick off each evening with talks about all sorts of stuff, music, and demos. I’ll be speaking on April 26! […]

Wieners are hilarious

Studiomate Tom has a most unique sense of humor. His first letterpress print can attest to this.

Tom is handy

He’s cutting wood to put into some frames for a shelving system.

ink on paper

Tom’s been experimenting with printing on paper at the studio.

It’s alive!

When we have a weblog for the studio (and we will, soon, have one of those fancy things) – this image will go in it. For October 26, 2009 marked a glorious day… A day when all Tom’s soldering and wires and other electronic bits finally came together and a homemade amp was born. The […]

Modeling School

Tom has been coming up with new and innovative ways to expand our business.