Checked out Mountains performing at Mayday. My only issue with their set of drone music was that it was way too short. Joel was mesmerized by the computer board light fixture.

California poppies

Driving down I-5 between San Francisco and Los Angeles, I almost lost my wits seeing the poppies in bloom. Wow. Which reminds me, it’s pretty awesome to tool down the road and have the backseat to yourself. That way you get the view from both sides. I’m making a mental note to give up shotgun […]

Exiting Utah

Thus concluded the quick trip to Utah. The conference? Eh, it largely lacked detail and depth. I’d be frustrated, but I really wasn’t the target market. These things are often about meeting others, and I was lucky in that regard. Enjoyed chatting with┬áJon Armstrong, hearing Dooce speak (In Utah, WTF means, “What’s That For?”, and […]

Salt Lake City has great views and peculiar drinking laws

So Wendy orders another margarita and they can’t put it on the table until she finishes her first one. I find this rule somehow adorable. Oh yeah, and in the bar in the hotel lobby? You have to order food with your alcohol. I’d like to go on record, that I’m totally not out here, […]