Final bits from Moscow

After the Comonautics Museum, we ventured around Moscow and walked across the way to the All-Russia Exhibition Centre, which was a combination of impressive looking, but cheaply constructed buildings housing flea market items. I wouldn’t recommend it. But there were some highlights on the last day in the capital city, with us closing it out […]

Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics

A favorite part of Moscow was the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, which sits under the towering (and beautiful) Monument to the Conquerors of Space (a 360 feet tall titanium rocket shooting into space.) The museum is filled with artifcats, models, space suits, and ships from the Russian space program through the ages. One favorite bit (along […]


We flew in to Russia for the last leg of our trip. From this moment forth we were on our own (without tour guides.) Russia is a bit pricey you see. So to save a few dollars in Moscow, we stayed at Godzillas Hostel which I must say, was a huge step up from the hostels […]