Travel day

I have to admit, the Egg McMuffin in Ukraine is tons better than the US version for some reason. The crop of this bus photo provides a small glimpse at the comfort level inside. The brand spanking new train terminal at Donetsk, ready for throngs of football fans. Also not quite ready, but it should […]

The other part of the day

This was one of those marathon days. There was the Grand Palace and Reclining Buddha in the morning, and then a half hour of Thai style massage, which is essentially a brutal non-sexual broach of personal space without oils and oddly enjoyable. We were getting grouchy from the heat at this point (you can see […]

Golden arches

I started off the day trying some of that fancy coffee from the McCafĂ©. Didn’t really agree with me. Dishwatery. Ended up the day passing this newly constructed McDonald’s sporting a new (to me) exterior design. The flagstone treatment is on a rampage of late, popping up on the sides of every strip mall and box […]