Depot logo

Technically I think it’s a wordmark. Something we collectively batted around so cards could be made. (hat tip to DJ & Tom)

ID10T podcast cover

On the last day of January, the new brand of Chris Hardwick was about to re-launch. We’d locked down the logo, but the podcast was set to debut and we needed a cover. Hardwick suggested an airplane safety card and I ran with it. What you see here is the initial drawing and final art. […]

Logo Modernism

I’ve got more than my share of books collecting logos. But this one? This, Logo Modernism is encyclopedically chunky and wonderful.

A mark in progress and some plaid

Friends don’t always remember our studio is named Wire & Twine. A handful have mentioned they’ve been out wearing our shirts and when asked where to get one they search for a tag or some branding with no success. Shame on us. We’re working on changing that with a little tag that has a logo […]


In the past I’d complain about what I call “Logorot” — when companies update their identity with displeasing results. Under Consideration came about with their Brand New blog which did a much better job at presenting new ID’s with some meat, context, words, and consistency. Flashback: I was in Michaels right before Christmas a month ago, getting some art […]

Butler County Lumber Company

Always admired this type treatment when I drive through Hamilton.

Now _that_ is a 7 UP logo

Camp Washington

No counter intelligence

I think the new Walmart branding is a formidable step up from the old ALL CAPS with hyphen and star, but this implementation on a new supercenter they just opened down the street, is a bit sad. Then again, maybe it is perfect. They cut corners on fabrication by not punching out the counters in […]