An LED Christmas Tree

Tom had a little workshop on how to solder and put these LED Christmas Trees together at the Northside Depot. Normally? I’m horrible with soldering and today was no different. But daggunnit tree actually worked after I plopped in the batteries. Yay! Looking forward to more sharing knowledge to make things in the future in […]

Festival of Lights


Stopped in to drop off keys for a friend and checked out the new(?) joint called Igby’s downtown. This vaulted ceiling with dropped lights was nice for the upward gaze.

The nights are long

And the days have been so busy, it’s hard to grab a snapshot. So there’s this dashboard.

Northside as night falls

Sunset in the parking lot outside the burger joint

Combatting the effects of that overnight flight, but settling back in Ohio well enough. I’d complain about the cold weather, but sunsets like this quell such thinking a little.

2011 Auto Show – All of the lights

Well, maybe not all of the lights, but a handful from the Cincinnati Auto Show 2011. I love going to these things. (Previously: 2006, 2004) This year was a bit boring. Not many preview vehicles or concepts, and though I feel pretty good about the general direction of exterior design in cars of late, it’s […]

Disco lights