The Favourite

Blurry photo (it was FREEZING) after a quick gift exchange following a viewing of The Favourite—a movie that made me cackle with laughter and conversely aghast by its darkness. Such an excellent film. Highly recommended. Not pictured? A canvas print of Kyle with European Fanta in a gilded frame.

Breeders Halloween show poster

Sometimes I like to wear the hat of production artist. In this instance, Kyle had an idea for a poster to have for The Breeder’s Halloween show in Columbus. Take this Dr. Phibes poster, add in Kelley and wrap it up with the appropriate text. I was hanging in the hospital with my mom while […]

His grandfather’s camera

Kyle’s grandfather owned this twin lens reflex camera, and now I shall take good care of it with honor.

Kyle’s cookies

A warning: The ‘before and after’ rollover is quite jarring. But it shouldn’t detract from getting a sense of how tasty these cookies appear to be. And they are delicious. My friend Kyle from Cincinnati has been making huge batches of cookies for special events, sharing them with folks or raising money for charities. White chocolate […]

Kyle is going to kill me / t-shirt hem

I didn’t take this photo (Nick Eddy did). I just… embellished it. The real photo from the day were these t-shirt hems to help think about “branding” and unnecessary quotes. Also, I am considering a separate blog called “Things on wooden floors.”


GLSEN Prom down at the Contemporary Arts Center. Started the rainy evening out with dinner. I did my best wallflower imitation while these two danced a bit. And closed out the night rockin’ Scrabble. Good times. Oh, and here’s me and my beard!