Oxford Kinetics Festival 2013

This marked the third year for the Oxford Kinetics Festival, and no one could have asked for a more beautiful day. I missed the explanation of the large Bob Saget head and Mary-Kate masks, but I have faith it was part of wholesome family fun. My studio-mate Tom rocked out a logo for this years […]

Old Saint Mary’s / Taking the kids to see a movie

Dinner with the kids, plus stickers

Hide and seek

Friends were in town for the holidays. So it was a good time to get together. Friends from way back… 1977… 1984… Most everyone has kids now. And man it’s a kick to see their little ones running around. Tiny variations from the folks I grew up with. And while the young ones took over […]

this had the potential to end in tears

Luckily it did not. Other toys were found to occupy their attention.