Breeders Halloween show poster

Sometimes I like to wear the hat of production artist. In this instance, Kyle had an idea for a poster to have for The Breeder’s Halloween show in Columbus. Take this Dr. Phibes poster, add in Kelley and wrap it up with the appropriate text. I was hanging in the hospital with my mom while […]

R.Ring at MOTR

Always a pleasure to see R.Ring. This go ’round they were joined by cellist Lori Goldston and drummer Leo Deluca and it was good. Hankering for more. If I could be a groupie and follow them around I totally would, because they’re solid people to boot.

Upcoming R.Ring tour

My friends Kelley and Mike’s band R.Ring is doing pretty dang well, and I dig ‘em, lots. They’re heading to Europe next year and needed an image to make an announcement. After plunging the coffee this morning, the globe in my apartment spoke to me.

Kelley at Wegerzyn Gardens

Kelley needed photos for a spread in a magazine. I think the article was called, “Come to Dayton, Please!” The editors recommended having the photoshoot at the 2nd Street Market, which would have been fine, but I was angling to drive up and visit the installation by Patrick Dougherty at Wegerzyn Gardens. Everyone agreed and I […]

R.Ring and me giving a talk about something

I’ve posted about this on our studio blog, but the long and short of it is: Kelley Deal and Mike Montgomery are residents at the South Park Tavern every Tuesday in April. They’re having friends kick off each evening with talks about all sorts of stuff, music, and demos. I’ll be speaking on April 26! […]

Mike & Kelley

Caught these two playing some music at the MOTR pub in Over the Rhine.

Analog tagging

Kelley stopped by the studio with another armload of scarves and jumped on the typewriter to make up tags with titles like, “Hellbent for Weather” and “Blue Swami.”

Amplified sewing machine

Kelley’s book is coming out in Australia and she needed a few photos for a magazine down there. I don’t need an excuse to go hang out and catch up, but this was a fine premise indeed. She brought out some quilts and other handywork to document. Once things are published I’ll link ’em up […]