Joel, soon to be a day older

Joel, far left (in photo, maybe also in spirit), is getting older. So a surprise birthday brunch happened and it was good to give him a hug and snack on coffee cake. In hindsight, I really should have stuffed my pockets with that coffee cake because it was delicious.


Couch testing procedure

Jim (seated right) might have in St. Louis: the Arch, the Budweiser Clydesdales, toasted ravioli, and slingers… But we have IKEA here in Cincinnati. And that means inexpensive furniture and meatballs.

Joel brings Jim in town

And though it was a tiny bit chilly, it was sunny enough to sit out on our friends deck and have a brew.


Joel’s good friends of mine out in St. Louis and when I was driving back from Pennsylvania with ’em last fall, I finally got to meet him up in Columbus. Caught another visit and this time he brought his well worn copy of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. I’m an idiot for not seeing that […]


Kristin, Jeff and Joel perform for the first time together with an audience during Bre’s birthday celebration. I’d like to mention that I gained 5 pounds from hanging around the dessert table too long.

An armadillo, a joint called Dirty Franks and a fella named Joel

I highly recommend stopping by Dirty Franks in Columbus Ohio if you like any sort of hot dog. Stopped by here on the way back from Pennsylvania and met up with Joel before splitting ways with the fellas from St. Louis and headin’ home.


Bre (and her canine friend) pick up Joel after work one day at the studio. It was super humid outside, hence the fogging up of the lens.