Flood peeping

Jim & Chris regard the city from the Observation Deck.   Smale Riverfront Park almost entirely submerged by the flood. I keep bumping into Zan.


Friends from two different states come over for dinner. A rare treat as folks don’t normally plan visits to Cincinnati very often. But they should. You should. It’s nice. If you’re reading this, you know someone here.

Guardians of Time

Still glow when I see Muffins and Killface, the poodle Guardians of Time that were gifted to me some years ago.

Erecting walls

This will be a portable art space.

Jim & Elise

The best thing I can think to offer friends fresh from a long haul on the road is comfortable seating.

Couch testing procedure

Jim (seated right) might have in St. Louis: the Arch, the Budweiser Clydesdales, toasted ravioli, and slingers… But we have IKEA here in Cincinnati. And that means inexpensive furniture and meatballs.

Joel brings Jim in town

And though it was a tiny bit chilly, it was sunny enough to sit out on our friends deck and have a brew.

Leaving St. Louis

I used to call this cat, “Darker on the Inside Kitty” but she’s gotten soft in her old age. Downright agreeable in fact. And now, to close out St. Louis, a few more photos from all hours of the last day: