Glasses up

This is how it is for me too, since the optometrist said bifocals were an option, but the bottom prescription would not have any correction. The other approach is simply to remove your glasses when wanting to see something up close. So now I put my glasses up when working, or set them aside and […]

Chili and cheese

Jim’s easy to entertain. He’s already seen most Cincinnati sights in previous visits. He is now content visiting every possible chili parlor. Today’s lunch: Camp Washington Chili.

Guardians of Time

Still glow when I see Muffins and Killface, the poodle Guardians of Time that were gifted to me some years ago.

We take the little pieces we can, and try to make sense of them

Jim’s father passed away in December of last year. The months since have been filled with the monumental task of sorting through his house. His things. And though the home he left was radically organized by the time I got there, I could see the remnants of the maze. The decisions that retained what was […]