Pub posters

Rain, maps and a really bland breakfast ”taco”

Super dig these maps by Herb Lester Associates. S’been rainin’, a lot. One bite. Then I put it back in the bag.

Intersections of awesome

Ran into Andrew Neyer at MiCA today. This is an intersection of awesome in my book. I seriously dig and admire all of Andrew’s work, which defies falling neatly into any single category. And Carolyn and Mike have made a wonderful shop that I’m proud to have product in. Things are warming up nicely in the neighborhood […]


Every once in a while Tom gets some music in the mail that’s packaged so nicely that we ooo and ahhh and remind ourselves we really need to produce the Pure album and also make another one. In this case, it was a Merzbow CD release that initiated the conversation. Tangent lyric from childhood cropping up: […]


Tom collects vinyl and I get the benefit of being inspired by his choices.

Today’s Basic Science

Another bit of visual inspiration around the studio above. Totally dig the colors. Which is a nice respite from the weather outside:

High Times

Not that High Times, but a really fantastic illustrated fold out. (Take a look inside on Design Work Life) Worth every penny, and available here: High Times: A History of Aviation by Golden Cosmos.

The Journal of Popular Noise, Vol. 1

Exemplary 3 record set design. The 45’s are a little awkward, but the rest of the package is nice. I’ll have to ask Tom how the music is.