Press cleaning

Tom, cleaning the press before hosting a weekend screen-printing workshop. He’s got a new book out on our store. It’s weird and wonderful, like him.

Drawing fur

Sketched out this fella after lunch because sometimes doing exactly what you’re not supposed to be doing is the right thing to do. Few digital things bring the reward of feeling ink hit paper. I would imagine drawing is very close to how trancendental meditation might feel.

In need of color

It’s at this point in the season when there’s a bit too much gray around and my eye gets hungry for color. Sometimes you find it in the least likely of places. Like say for instance, the trashcan at the studio. In other related business, I am renaming this particular season “THE WINTER OF NO […]

Three parts of the day

Started the morning at Jay Products picking up some new extra-large screens and ink. (I’m quite smitten with the orange and white dots on the 957 bottle up there on the shelf.) Spent the rest of the day reminding myself how much exercise it is to print. And when heading out of the studio exhausted, […]