I’m still kind of, but not as obsessed with Snickers varietals as I used to be. This Crisper is good, akin to a Whatchamacallit. In related news of inflating midsections, they’re now able to do four color printing on those lawn decorations. We are entering fancy times.

Opening Day Parade

Once again I’m reminded that our parades would benefit from more extravagant floats. But that didn’t diminish the weather and vibe of the Findlay Market Opening Day Parade for the Reds.

Taste of Cincinnati 2011

I’m the guy that goes to the Taste of Cincinnati and takes exactly zero photos of food. It was sweltering that day, and packed as I’ll get out. Went in, got some Montgomery Inn barbecue and went to find shelter in some AC. My only gripe is that everything’s a meal and would benefit from […]

The changing of the seasonal aisle


Brutus, deflated

fallen inflatable dinosaur

I so vacillate… Streams of photos without context seem wanting, and over-sharing is tiresome – especially when there is no real story. As was the case this weekend when I went to the hardware store to buy caulk for the tub and pulled into a parking lot to capture this fallen inflatable dinosaur. The caulk […]