Took exactly one photo today, this was it. Working around the clock, but seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and feeling accomplished.

Donuts n Coffee

Headed to Bloomington, Indiana and this donut joint along the way wasn’t open. If it was? I would’ve picked up a few crullers.

A trip to Richmond

Took a long lunch at the studio and drove across the border into Richmond, Indiana to eat at Ghyslain. This place is part chocolatier and fine restaurant. They had me at the bread that came out before the meal. Super crusty baguette with butter that could be supplemented with black Hawaiian or pink Himalayan salt. My quiche […]

Indiana Statehouse

Popped into Indianapolis for the night. One of the many places just a hop skip and a jump from Southwest Ohio. Their downtown over there in the capital of Indiana? It’s refreshing in how well it’s working. I’m sure holiday traffic added to the crowded mall in the center of the city, and bustling convention […]

Himark Restaurant & Lounge

The night sky

I have Amber to thank for a fine evening underneath the stars in Kokomo — cooking hotdogs over a fire, cold beer and a couple rounds of Euchre for good measure. (Mental note: learn how to photograph the night sky better)