Los Angeles

I had less than 48 hours in Los Angeles, most of it would be in a meeting. And I enjoyed every moment. There’s something about the light out there in California. Maybe it’s the air. But I dig it. Flight movies: Won’t You Be My Neighbor? – Big thumbs up, if solely for the optimism […]

Selfie, Dublin

My first time in Ireland!


Got a room at the new 21c Museum Hotel next door to the conference thinking I could simply collapse on the bed after my talk. Being a procrastinator, I managed to finish my slides after pulling an all-nighter. This felt like ample reward. So there I am in what I consider the best hotel going […]

Downtown Inn, Asheville

A quick pitstop in Asheville NC on the way home. The Downtown Inn & Suites might appear a bit rough on the exterior, but it was a great place to stay, perfectly priced and located to walk all around the charming heart of Asheville.

the view