A Georgian Christmas Eve

Spent Christmas Eve with one of my oldest friends and her family. They’d recently completed a transformation of a dairy barn into a Georgian home. Remarkable in every detail and a wonderfully warm place to celebrate.

Easter cornhole

Easter was unseasonably warm. But the 70° allowed for eating our potluck dinner on the deck and ending the day with a round of cornhole. Semi-related: Ed found an inflatable ball in the creek. Talk about beachball warning messages.

Window shopping

Stopped down to visit my friend Brown at the Rookwood Store in OTR. I’ve got my eye on some ceramic bears because I need more things to Swiffer® in my life. My Mother Tattoo by Tattly, as seen on the shelves of MiCA! I’m not sure what this place is, but I loved their window […]

Pug pups

Went and visited with my niece, nephew, his wife, my sister and her fella on Sunday. Mark and Heather have been putting together a fine home out on the east side of town. Been too long since I saw ’em. Enjoyed the afternoon catching up and marveling at the moments. I’ve made mental additions to […]

a percussion recital and ink on paper

Heather liked this photo of the beat up piano and we made this poster. Here’s some behind the scenes of the whole process. I’m tipping my hat to Tom for making this a reality. (He’s awesome.)


New digs

Good friend “The Brown” just got herself into a new apartment. One of her cats (I call this one Fluffypants) already feels at home. I feel compelled to note, on The Brown’s behalf, this carpet is temporary. The other cat (which I call “Other Cat”) is not making the transition so easy. See?