22 years

Unrelated the rest of this post: I took this selfie at the Weston Art Gallery. It’s a work by Chris Engman called Containment and it’s a part of the FotoFocus biennial that is wrapping up in Cincinnati. I really liked “stepping in’ to this photo. — 22 years ago, my oncologist and I decided to […]

We have bikes

Yup. Rentable bikes in Cincinnati. And they’re in lots of good spots around the city. I haven’t used ’em, but I like riding a bike. It’s super fun and feels good. I encourage doing it often. Soapbox: I’m not, however, sold on those new bike lanes on Columbia Parkway. They’re inconsistent and I feel they […]

Thumbs up

Time for the yearly checkup with my oncologist. All bloodwork and a cursory physical exam suggests everything is fine. (Yay.) Great relief after a bad scare last year that turned out to be nothing to worry about, but a much needed kick in the seat of the pants to live more intentionally. Right now I’m filled […]

The road bike

Meet Larry

This is Larry. He’s a personal trainer. I met him proper on November 13 of last year, and unless there’s a holiday or travel, I see him bright and early three days a week now. Coming from someone who had no experience with any type of consistent physical activity, the concept of fitness was foreign […]

7 minutes

So I saw this article about how this 7 minute workout is awesome for you because of science! So I tried to doing it every morning, and man it was kind of intense, but it did feel pretty darn good save for the cat watching me with judgement. But for one reason or another I […]


This shot is from a week ago after CT scan #2, but I’ll skip ahead to today when I visited with my oncologist for the results. It marked our 15th anniversary of this thing and my doctor kicked off our time by asking, “How’s my greatest success story?” joking that he really hasn’t done anything […]

X-ray in use

Time for the yearly check-up. It’s a process. The results take a while to collect, and I’ve learned to roll with it. Focus on the moment. Stay occupied with projects enjoyable. Spend time with people you love and love you even when you’re annoying.