Super Lotto

The Super Lotto sign on the way to the inaugural Creative Mornings Cincinnati. Listened to Joe Hansbauer talk about the future of Findlay Market and the area north of Liberty. Thoughtful and exciting stuff for our city. Then I went and got my hair cut, but first I swept and mopped the floor for my […]

Mike Perry

Again with a touch of serendipity and luck, caught Mike Perry talk about his work over lunch at Hyperakt (which was chock full of good folks in a sweet space out in Brooklyn.) I’ve followed Mike in a non-creepy way for a while, we have his Hand Job book on the inspiration shelf at the studio, and I’ve always […]

Meredith Baxter Birney Burning

Proof I’ve the humor of a 7th grader: Pretty much whenever someone says “burning” in conversation, I quickly interject, “Meredith Baxter Birney Burning?” which almost always results in confusion. This is all because of a South Park song called “Tonight is Right for Love.” (And here’s a clip of the Meredith Baxter Birney bit.) Which in hindsight […]

The Hat Man of Cincinnati

This is Avtar. He makes a different sign and wears it on his hat every day. If you wander around Cincinnati long enough, you’re bound to cross paths. In fact, I’ve caught him a few times, but I can only find this photo from the t-shirt festival in 2008. His message is always positive and current. […]

steak burger

Busy at work of late, so I’m not wielding the camera too much. Been driving by this BBQ set-up in Northside on the way home and I’ve been diggin the handmade type and drawings on the wall. The light seemed right this evening to turn around and take a snapshot.


Wandered around downtown, hitting up Final Friday in the Gateway Quarter. Free wine, good people, a bit of shopping (I was out of Dr. Bronner’s magic soap) and I capped it all off with a most awesome  “Croque Madam” hotdog at Senate. Good times.

Heading home

Somewhere along the road in North Carolina Kudzu!


So good to get back in the studio today. Tom had been experimenting with cut-out type and pins while I was gone. Neato stuff.