Decorative gourd season

It’s Decorative Gourd Season. I should mention, I don’t spend my time at stores everyday. But I do like to shop in very small ways. When your commute is 30 feet, it’s good to get out, and pictures of the gym wouldn’t be lit as well.

The season

Folks sure now how to decorate for Halloween down in Bellevue. Caught those sites after staring at the moon in the cell phone lot picking up my friend Brown.

Fear of clowns

Successfully surprised my sister at her annual Halloween party. She loves Halloween like no other holiday and has a get together with required costumes each year. I’d been holding back on posting pictures of my clown get-up to add to the element of surprise leading up to the day. My friends Erik and Joe were […]


[+] ZOOM



Despite the chilly and drizzly weather, kids came out in full force for Northside’s trick or treating. A tip of the hat to Dan and Ralph for letting me hang and hand out candies on their porch.

haunted hayride

Went down into the hills of Kentucky to the Sandyland Acres Haunted Hayride. Perfect atmosphere and set-up. As the tractor pulls a wagon full of folks through the fields, it stops at scenes along the way. In between you never know quite what to expect, and that’s the whole point. Everyone in our party got a […]

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve gone in the tube

But the “hold you breath” icon on this machine was a nice surprise.