Tram Tour through Spring Grove

Spring Grove has tram tours that happen a few times each month with a variety of different topics. Mom and I did a ‘History and Heritage’ tour and quite enjoyed learning about how the cemetery came to be, facts about notable residents, monuments, mausoleums and the trees. Highly recommended. My only advice is to call […]

Northern California

Last day in Northern California. Time to get back home and wrap things up and buckle in. Ashi helps pack. Driving down the mountain. Highway 101 zips by. Stopped for some meatballs and beer along the way.

Chop chop chop

“No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.” — Julia Child  

30 minutes

A hike, this time by myself. Where I find that I can traverse the trail in Northside in half an hour — twice as fast as when I go with friends. Mind you, we gab and smell the roses so to speak. Which is not a euphemism, but a stretch of the phrase as there […]


Made a trip out to Anderson to marvel over greenery at the Greenfield Plant Farm. The dogwoods were unbelievably beautiful. I was entirely mesmerized. Everything else was beautiful too.

A glitch in taxes

This lawnmower for sale has nothing to do with the error I made with my online tax form. Luckily the local tax place was able to figure it all out and I ended up back in the black.

Split pea soup

I’ve never been a split pea person, but I found my tv could get public television stations and I caught this being made on America’s Test Kitchen. Suddenly it was a soup I needed to make. At the end of the day it turned out a little… mushy, and perhaps too ham flavored, but I’m […]

The colors arrive

Snapped these with the big boy (a Canon 5D Mark II) and I think they’re just fine without editing. Brought out the full frame camera in hopes to catch a good glimpse of the Supermoon this evening, but it wasn’t meant to be. Stopped by mom’s garden to pick up some flowers, say howdy, and scored […]