Edie, shade; Grace, un-candid; cassettes

Edie, providing shade A dining Grace, un-candid Selection of Cassettes

Crafty Supermarket

Tom and I set up shop at our first proper Crafty Supermarket and WHOA. That was a lot of people (over 6,500) streaming through the doors of Music Hall Ballroom. Luckily everyone was in extra good spirits and we were surrounded by other awesome folks that made the day go by quite nicely. (Don’t get […]

Grace is a nerd

Case in point: Grace’s phone case.


Dropped off shirts at Fabricate and caught these two scheming the upcoming Crafty Supermarket. It’s kind of a ridiculous photo of Grace and Chris, but it shows their good spirits. They’ve made a great event that keeps getting better. Proof: Photos from last November’s Crafty Supermarket. Pimp hat: Applications for the Spring Show are open til Feb 29.