Someone got new specs.

Bright lights in the rearview mirror

The daylight is a rarity this time of year. Thanks to modern engineering we don’t have to live in darkness, but we can drive around in full-sized pickup trucks and use our bright lights all the time. Even at stoplights behind small hatchbacks. This expression attempts to capture the marvel of these phenomena.

Got new glasses

Soon I’ll complete my hipster look with mustache wax. For now, I’m enjoying eyeglass frames that don’t slip down my face all the time. A hat tip to Warby Parker for making the complicated dance of buying glasses not only painless, but actually fun.

The playwright

The first time I met Austin, he officiated a wedding and moved me to tears. This second time around he was visiting Cincinnati for the Fringe Festival where his play Denali was in production. Caught the show and enjoyed it thoroughly. Even better was having a brew afterward and getting to ask all those questions one […]

Some days, I’m confused by the photos on my camera’s memory card

And these were the photos I pulled off from February 22. There is no intended relationship between the images.


Joel’s good friends of mine out in St. Louis and when I was driving back from Pennsylvania with ’em last fall, I finally got to meet him up in Columbus. Caught another visit and this time he brought his well worn copy of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. I’m an idiot for not seeing that […]