Ginger dressing

The last time I went up to Benihana I started really doubt stuff—mostly the wait time and feeling I got afterward. Something in my stomach suggested too much of something not wholesome. Surely there was a way to capture my favorite elements in a healthier manner… So I gathered the ingredients for this knockoff ginger salad […]

Ginger & Mom

Mom and Ginger relax poolside.

Shooting Star

Quick visit to Columbus Ohio and hit the nightlife, tried some Jeni’s ice cream (to be exact, three mini scoops of rhubarb rosé, strawberry buttermilk, and belgian milk chocolate), and wrapped it all up with a trip to the Northstar Cafe (excellent breakfast grub) the next morning. Pictured: The Shooting Star fresh juice drink from […]

The ginger cat eyes me with suspicion from afar