Another bow

Celebrated Casey’s birthday over a meal with close friends, enjoying the evening so much I failed to snap a photo. Which is a pity, because the lighting at Ché was really flattering. Alas! To living in the moment.

Portland Patch Project

File under gifts that keep on giving: a year subscription to the Portland Patch Project (the Maine one, not the Oregon one). To kick it off I was able to choose my first patch and went with WHATEVER by Molly Steinmetz. Looking forward to what the coming months bring.


Tom & Wendy got me a LEGO VW Bus a few years ago, and I had all the pieces sorted in bowls and a muffin tin sitting under the guest bed. Found it while tidying and realized: 1.) Oh, that’s where all my bowls are and 2.) I should finish this. Man it was fun […]

What was

There was french toast and good coffee down at my neighbor Joe’s the day after Christmas. Here I am tinkering with his gift of a lens kit for the phone. There was more rain. There was bourbon/whiskey. There was ham.

A little car maintenance

A gift from a friend of my mom’s. I had one of these little fold-out car repair shops growing up, and now I have one again. I’m lucky twice.

His grandfather’s camera

Kyle’s grandfather owned this twin lens reflex camera, and now I shall take good care of it with honor.


My brother gave me these little fellas and they watch over me as I catch up with things at my desk. Sidenote: I went down a rabbit hole to find out what smurfing meant and the most interesting version was the bank industry jargon that is a way to launder money.

Nice touch

A little sprig packed inside the Balsam Fir Field Notes Gift Sets I ordered. Nice touch Coudal/Draplin. Nice touch indeed!