When healthy doesn’t hurt

It’s supposed to be “Waffle Wednesday” at the farm, but who am I to complain when there’s salmon? Meals like this make me feel like it’s okay to avoid the gym. Sadly not pictured, off to the right? Some beautiful slaw Tom whipped up.

Your mileage may vary

1,498 days ago I bought a VW Rabbit. This, in a relatively short line of cars of my life: Renault Alliance – it barely worked my days in high school (College without) Geo Metro – first job, first real (used) car (Thanks for selling it to me Wendy!) VW Passat Land Rover (lease) VW Passat […]


3 months with the GF1

Well, it’s been about three months with this Lumix GF1, and I figured I’d take a moment and spill some thoughts on this micro four thirds camera. In brief: I really like it and recommend it emphatically. With the release of the newer GF2 that has touchscreen focus control there’s been some grumbling that this […]

cluck cluck

Spring chicks will be arriving soon at the farm, so expect more of these feathered critters to crop up in addition to the usual plethora of cats and dogs ’round here. I had to look up if chickens said “bock bock” or “cluck cluck” and stumbled again on this list of pronunciations from other parts of […]


When the weather gets warm again, and I hope that’s soon, I’m going to ride my bike down here and remove the trash properly.


Whoever made the original Lionel Richie “Hello” Flyer, I commend you for brightening my day. (And likely the days of many others.) Tried my best to figure out who to give credit to, and kept ending up at the Future Classics of the Internet. A fella named Stan made this nice downloadable PDF of the flyer so I […]

Three parts of the day

Started the morning at Jay Products picking up some new extra-large screens and ink. (I’m quite smitten with the orange and white dots on the 957 bottle up there on the shelf.) Spent the rest of the day reminding myself how much exercise it is to print. And when heading out of the studio exhausted, […]