My memory slips

Usually I can remember the day just by a photo. In this case, I couldn’t figure out which movie we saw, so I emailed Tom. Trick question, he replied, and rattled off every flick on the marquee and who he saw them with (or not). Apparently we just had dinner this evening. This serves me right for […]

Can vs. May

I stopped and asked, “Can I take a picture of your ferret?” And his walking attendant said yes, but as you can see above, the answer is actually no. Caught Jiro Dreams of Sushi and it was mouth watering. Best summed up by Naz’s thoughts: Shokunin.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Tom and I caught The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo at the Esquire. I’ve heard the books are better as well as the 2009 Swedish film, but those weren’t playing at the time, and I wasn’t going to see The Artist again. (I saw it in Los Angeles and would have loved it… without any hype.) […]

Free cowboy hats


Gaslight District, Cincinnati