A much needed quiet evening playing card and board games. Easy casual fun? LOOP, the Chicago train card game. A bit more complicated but super fun? Azul, a beautiful board game inspired by Portuguese tiles. Had to keep Floofer out of the wine.

Mille Bornes

Winter weekends are a good reason to dust off games that’ve been sitting on the shelf too long. Cracked open Mille Bornes and gave it a spin. Honestly don’t think I’d played this French road racing card game for decades, though it was a staple with Canasta and Euchre growing up. The game instructions would benefit […]


Still life on game night

Game night with friends. Managed to squeeze in a slew of games: Love Letter – Card game, kind of like Clue where you try to expose others while getting your love letter to the princess. Cards Against Humanity – The filthy Apples to Apples. Always fun. Always. Dixit – Each card in the game is an artful […]

Used pillows next to the dumpster

I get it, you’re moving or trying to just pare down. Instead of tossing this stuff into the dumpster you artfully arrange it around the dumpster. I’m totally with you. Certainly someone will want the board games. They weren’t cheap ones. You could rub a Bounce sheet on that scarf and give it to an […]