Christmas Day 2017

Started the day with family and ended with friends playing some of that What Do You Meme, a card game in the vein of Cards Against Humanity, but maybe a bit more “blue“. Best seat in the house that day? Lola under the Christmas dinner table getting snacks from everyone:

Neko Atsume

Edie, letting me know there’s already a cat in my life that would appreciate constant refills of her food dish. For news fasting though, Neko Atsume (Wikipedia) is a fine use of spare moments.


I’d been looking forward to this game since the announcement two years ago. As a fan of Panic Software, Olly Moss’ keen design and Jane Ng’s environmental work, I figured it would be a beautiful thing, and it is. I kept pausing in my virtual tracks and taking photographs of the tv to capture the […]

Monument Valley

One of the most polished iPad games I’ve played, Monument Valley is a mighty fine puzzler. Once you get a handle on the mechanic, the ride is quickly and very sadly over. But it’s a solid ride for sure. I figure with their great success, they (UsTwo) can dedicate more resources to future games.


The evening where I learn Spanish words trying to win tacos at Barrio.

Making hay

Two good friends started playing this game called Hay Day and exclaimed it was fantastic. So I gave it a whack before bed one night and now I understand their… obsession. It’s essentially a Role Playing Game on a farm where you try to level up and get new goodies. Instead of magic spells and […]

Draw Something

Every once in a while, a game comes along that pushes every button I have in a good way. Like the time you figure out the physics of Angry Birds, there are games that have the right amount of polish and playability. There have been  others, like: The Last Rocket Frenzic Coin Drop (iOS, Android) […]

Mexican Train

I first played this variation on dominoes while camping last autumn and really enjoyed it. A couple friends said we needed to throw down some weekend back home and it finally materialized. Fun game still, and I highly recommend getting some domino trays to help keep things tidy.