Rumpke landscape

2015 Auto Show

The new Renegade looks… adorable. From a distance. My best in show would be the interior of the BMW i3. Unexpected materials and new lines make for something that feels more like a living room of the future than a car. Small changes can make an big impact, and the revised front end of the […]

Spark plug

I am sorry if you own a second generation Ford Explorer and decide to change the spark plugs yourself. Ford engineers decided to tuck these contraptions of combustion all over the enginge bay of the vehicle. Some of ’em were only accessible if you took the wheels off. (Unless of course you have a special tool […]

2012 Auto Show and then some

Kicked off the day at the Auto Show downtown. Fairly subdued affair this year ’round. Best of show in my book? The 2013 Ford Fusion. Agressive, Aston Martiny looks. Dig it thoroughly. Wandered downtown and thought these “short” buildings were pretty nifty, holding their own on 2nd street while big high rises sprout up all […]

Ford 100

Uh-oh, between my backlog of photos (there’s some heavy duty days ahead with hundreds to sort through for each), I’m also beginning to prefer the “unedited” versions. My goal was to do this for a whole year to share what photos look like before fiddling. I’ll stick to my guns and continue. This is likely […]

A pinkish reddish day

One of those days when the weather was so nice I decided to get some outside time, do chores done during the day, and use the evening to work. This meant I’d stay in on a Friday night, but it was well worth the trade-off.

Clearly a fan

Transit Connect

The Ford Transit Connect has an unfortunate name, but it’s one of my favorite new vehicles on the road these days. Ford has been cookin’ with oil of late. Their upcoming Focus and Fiestas look to be competitive offerings, and the updates to the Fusion, Taurus and F-series trucks have all been solid. But this car/truck thing is the closest […]