Icy Fog

Northern California

Last day in Northern California. Time to get back home and wrap things up and buckle in. Ashi helps pack. Driving down the mountain. Highway 101 zips by. Stopped for some meatballs and beer along the way.


It’s been exceptionally foggy these past few mornings. It might not seem so in the cemetery shot above, but I thought it adequately ominous. The view from my window of Northside below is a better example of visibility:

Misty morning afternoon evening

The precipitation hanging in the air of late is lending a eerie softness to the landscapes. (Millville) It’s like traveling to another place with these shifts in weather. (Northside) And it all comes back to home as I sit there at my desk in the studio and this face extends up over the balcony. It’s a […]

Super dooper foggy

If you were in Cincinnati on Saturday morning, you couldn’t miss the fog. It was pervasive and thick. When I groggily stepped to the bathroom that a.m., I thought it had snowed— the light coming through the blinds was intensely filtered and white.

Misty mountain

Breaking the rules

Just to reiterate my made-up “rules” of this album. after that nice run of photos from Graceland… 1. Take (at least) one picture every day. 2. Only post photos in order, never skipping ahead, even if that means great delay. 3. There is no third rule. But this image above? I didn’t even take it. […]

City through the alley