Northside Vodka

A gift from my mom. Haven’t broken the seal yet, but noting the moment with her garden as a fine backdrop.

Flowers for no occasion

More paper makin’

Mom broke out the paper making setup for her friend Gayle. The weather was cooperative, but unfortunately the table was persnickety. There were injures, but also lots of paper made.

One Hundred Years, Edie waits, Frank

$39.99 and up

The colors arrive

Snapped these with the big boy (a Canon 5D Mark II) and I think they’re just fine without editing. Brought out the full frame camera in hopes to catch a good glimpse of the Supermoon this evening, but it wasn’t meant to be. Stopped by mom’s garden to pick up some flowers, say howdy, and scored […]


In the past I’d complain about what I call “Logorot” — when companies update their identity with displeasing results. Under Consideration came about with their Brand New blog which did a much better job at presenting new ID’s with some meat, context, words, and consistency. Flashback: I was in Michaels right before Christmas a month ago, getting some art […]

Arranging of the arrangement

Another arrangement from my mom’s garden. (Here she is adjusting it for the blurry photo.) This time at her place after celebrating her birthday with my brother and aunt.