Okay, not eggshells, but rather a bunch of ceiling paint chips scattered about the floor of an old building with sturdy bones.

Edie, on rug


I always get a chuckle when Swiss Miss instagrams the tough days of her youngest and tags the photos #itshardbeingtwo. These snapshots of distress are collected at this site. I decided to post a response, trying to showcase a resigned look, but it ended up looking more like I’m smelling the rug. Also worth noting? […]

Wooden floor

This? Oh this is just the wooden floor in my apartment. It’s shown up here before countless times, but I’ve been thinking a lot about texture lately. And I like this wood. But the real story behind this photo is that I started coming down with a cold this day. Congested, sore throat, tired and […]

Yoga mat

You can barely see the yoga mat as it blends in so darn well with the floors of my flat. A big super-appreciative tip of the hat to my friend Jennifer for sending along this gift. Every time I salute the sun (or moon) I shall think of her.