Neighborhood flags

The image above is from a visit to Sayler Park after a workshop last night. Great thing happening at the moment: CincyFlags, a project to design unique flags for each of Cincinnati’s 52 neighborhoods. I’m on a team with DJ for Region 1 which includes East Price Hill, Lower Price Hill, Riverside, Sayler Park, Sedamsville, […]


I was going to title this post “Weird” but frankly? This is totally more intriguing than weird—a word that gets overused as much as awesome. (Guilty.) Anyway, someone arranged all these flags around piles of leaves and trees in a tiny park in Northside. I think they’re fun. UPDATE: These are part of an installation […]

The dogs by the Bridge on the River Kwai

Kawaii! The River Kwai The Bridge on the River Kwai I just wanted to document that I indeed had some Pad Thai while in Thailand. Thing is, in most of the tourist friendly places it tasted pretty much like what you’d expect in the states, but instead of ordering a spice level, you’re provided peppers, […]