Somewhat of a holiday tradition, we headed to the theater to see a movie on Christmas Day. This year we saw Carol, which was filmed largely in Cincinnati. It was pretty sweet to see our city stand in for New York and Chicago, and my mom recognized a ton of antiques that were bought from […]

St. Vincent

I wouldn’t use HILARIOUS as the callout for St. Vincent, but it did bundle up humor and pain quite beautifully. Bonus? Catching up with Wendy over dinner afterward. Our assessment of the movie was inline. It was refreshing to see Melissa McCarthy in a non-over-the-top comedic role. Bill Murray is always a pleasure. Naomi Watts […]

The Grand Budapest Hotel and museums

Caught The Grand Budapest Hotel which felt like Wes Anderson iterating on prior themes with precision and delight. Quite enjoyable visually, and the story clipped right along with nary a hiccup. Todd Pavlisko: Crown at the Cincinnati Art Museum. (Bullets whizzing by iconic works from the permanent collection and into this bronze cube above. Below? All the coins […]

My memory slips

Usually I can remember the day just by a photo. In this case, I couldn’t figure out which movie we saw, so I emailed Tom. Trick question, he replied, and rattled off every flick on the marquee and who he saw them with (or not). Apparently we just had dinner this evening. This serves me right for […]

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Tom and I caught The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo at the Esquire. I’ve heard the books are better as well as the 2009 Swedish film, but those weren’t playing at the time, and I wasn’t going to see The Artist again. (I saw it in Los Angeles and would have loved it… without any hype.) […]

127 Hours

What I said the morning after: “Never seen a movie that pushed me to the edge of passing out and vomiting, until last night. Seriously. That was 127 Hours.” # (Quick summary: man hikes into Utah canyon alone, arm gets trapped under boulder, lives 5 days on pretty much just a bottle of water, frees […]

Black Swan kind of freaked me out

But then again, so did Requiem for a Dream so I should know better when I catch a Darren Aronofsky film. Don’t get me wrong, I thought this Black Swam movie was excellent. Just so darn nerve-wracking.