Northern California

Last day in Northern California. Time to get back home and wrap things up and buckle in. Ashi helps pack. Driving down the mountain. Highway 101 zips by. Stopped for some meatballs and beer along the way.

The mountain

Woke up to this view with gnome in the mountains of Northern California. (Thanks Brent!) Tis the rainy season. Redbud in bloom. Waterfalls at full force. Had a fresh salad from the tiny greenhouse to pair with fishsticks for dinner. A cat in the bag. This one is Ashi.

Sailing Vessel Cirrus

Finally went out to visit my friend Erik’s boat. Though I didn’t get a good shot of the outside, there was this priest on another boat. Plus also? A few fun interfaces from the inside:

Portland Patch Project

File under gifts that keep on giving: a year subscription to the Portland Patch Project (the Maine one, not the Oregon one). To kick it off I was able to choose my first patch and went with WHATEVER by Molly Steinmetz. Looking forward to what the coming months bring.

Fear of clowns

Successfully surprised my sister at her annual Halloween party. She loves Halloween like no other holiday and has a get together with required costumes each year. I’d been holding back on posting pictures of my clown get-up to add to the element of surprise leading up to the day. My friends Erik and Joe were […]

Boating around

All photos collected here as well: Roatán on Exposure

The puzzle

Upon arrival in Roatán, Erik and Joe presented me with a gift. Months prior they’d asked if I could send over a picture of my cat Edie lounging in prayer flags and I sent it along without thinking at all about it. Turns out they made a puzzle. A meaty one, at 1008 pieces, it […]


Roatán. Honduras. Vacation. Beach. Snorkeling. Friends. Beer. Puzzle. Fun. All photos collected here as well: Roatán on Exposure