Egg cooker

I have this trainer that motivates me to be less sedentary. Been seeing Larry for about 3 years now, and I’m much sturdier than I used to be—and lots happier. But one of the things I (constantly) need to work on is improving my diet: Less crap, more good stuff, and lots of protein if […]

IHOP with mom

Mom and I hadn’t been to IHOP in years and it just sounded good. Smelled like pancakes and coffee when we walked in, a nice contrast to the cool autumn day outside. We ordered too much food and swore to avoid the sweet syrups next time. They should really make plain maple syrup an option.

I fully support brunch

I _tried_ to read this damning article about how brunch is for jerks, but I couldn’t finish it. Sure, breakfast is one thing I know how to make. Yes, I loathe lines and hungover people. But it’s a great way to see friends on the weekend and what the heck ever. I’m whining about whining. […]

Almost forgot Easter

So before we hit the road for Chicago, I stopped in Tom and Wendy’s house. The girls had taken Easter into their own hands, with beautiful results. Really, check out Wendy’s photos.  

Greens, eggs, no ham

Those little breakfast shooter things I usually get in the drive-thru at Steak ‘n Shake pale in comparison to a fine breakfast of greens and eggs.

Hội An

First things first? Hit the market the town of Hội An, a medium sized city in the South Central Coast of Vietnam. I had to duck, a lot. Things be geared for shorter folk here. Bombyx mori, silkworm Cocoons ready for harvest. At China Beach on the way up to our destination for the day.

Eggs, over medium

fry up

Did the fish and chips thing last night. Peas on the side. Slept like a log and had this “fry up” for breakfast. Absolutely delicious.