Vine, McMicken, Findlay

Sometimes things are blurry

When resolutions get sharper, you understand focus all over again.

Those moments when the moon is undeniable

It looks small in this photo, but in real life the moon seemed huge.

A barn cropped odd


The extent of the accumulation. I’ve started to really hunker down on recycling and I’ve stopped using aerosol hairspray altogether in hopes that we’ll have snow again one day. I’m also going to stop belaboring it now, promise.


Where Hamilton Avenue turns into Ludlow.

Not once was I stuck in a traffic jam

Last night we hit the food trucks and pictured above, the most delicious IncrediBalls burgers. (Ground Kobe beef, bacon, gruyere, arugula, garlic aioli and toasted brioche aka “bun”.) My first trip to Los Angeles was nested in that quick chunk between Christmas and New Years. In the place of touristy notions and vague expectations, I was introduced […]

Bits of Los Angeles