Quick Draw at Manifest

Signed up for a Quick Draw event at Manifest Drawing Center that featured live models: an Eastern Screech Owl, a Great Horned Owl and a Peregrine Falcon. I was rusty, not able to remember the last time I picked up oil pastels and drew from a live model. Also realized it’s extra difficult now that […]

Draw a Dinosaur day

As the website states: Draw A Dinosaur Day is a “holiday” celebrated on January 30th. The goal is as simple as its title: Draw A Dinosaur! You don’t have to be a brilliant illustrator, just take a couple of minutes with a blank piece of paper, a post-it note or your computer and enjoy yourself. So […]

Ascending Bear

Back in May I felt compelled to draw that falling bear. We made a few t-shirts with the fella but it felt like it was wanting. The original idea was to include some wings and after recommendations of friends, we brought them back. It’s a weird but well-meaning tribute. Available on our online store, MiCA, […]

Drawing fur

Sketched out this fella after lunch because sometimes doing exactly what you’re not supposed to be doing is the right thing to do. Few digital things bring the reward of feeling ink hit paper. I would imagine drawing is very close to how trancendental meditation might feel.

a package from Zach

My copy of 15 Uses for Newsprint has been living in this envelope for too long, an envelope made all the more awesome by the drawing by Zachariah O’Hora on the outside. This admission is a mental reminder that I have a host of thank you notes and whatnot to write and deliver to the […]

Pipe drawing

Some things work better on paper. Like this pipe drawing for instance. Once I translated it to vector points and lines on the computer, it fell flat. The process was fun though.