Live Jazz

Schwartz’s Point in OTR. (Thanks for the correction Ryan!)

Dayton Literary Peace Prize

Friends extended an invitation to join them at the Dayton Literary Peace Prize award ceremony—an event held to honor “the power of the written word to promote peace.” Filled with kind supporters and patrons—it was a fine crowd when you’re struggling to look natural in a black tie. For me, a most moving segment was the […]

Huggy Bear

All this cat needs is a brandy and a pipe

Music stand

Keeping the decorations

Christmas lights need considered perfectly reasonable any time of year. Maybe it’s a branding or packaging challenge.

Carillon at night

The weather turns quickly, back to what feels more like winter. Made a quick trip through the rain to visit with friends gathered around a football game up in Dayton. I marvel at the youngest of the group who may now officially be categorized as toddler. Topics skip from superbowls to cats, music to tv […]

A memorable birthday cake

Kelley and Kim with their most excellent cake made by elé Cake Co in Dayton. Please take note of the cupcakes. There are