Triple Christmas

Started Christmas Day at mom’s house and shared a meal that laid a foundation for a day filled with much joy. Mom’s spirit was very present. I am so very lucky to be surrounded by loved ones who reflect the light she brought into the world. Stop #2 — Independence, Kentucky An excellent photographer, this […]

David & Gabe’s shower

My niece is having a baby! We celebrated with a grand party. I’ve come to enjoy showers where all folks are invited. Had extra fun teasing my great niece over the game where you try and get folks to say the keyword and steal all their mini clothespins. (The word was baby.) More photos…


Mental note: Tell everyone to laugh like they’re holding a salad and pass the potatoes so my Thanksgiving photo will look like that Normal Rockwell painting. As it stands, family and friends gathered potluck-style at mom’s and we were hyper-focused on digging in. By the time desserts were sampled, we were all smiles. My nephew […]

The puzzle

Upon arrival in Roatán, Erik and Joe presented me with a gift. Months prior they’d asked if I could send over a picture of my cat Edie lounging in prayer flags and I sent it along without thinking at all about it. Turns out they made a puzzle. A meaty one, at 1008 pieces, it […]

More Honduras

All photos collected here as well: Roatán on Exposure