New Year’s Eve 2017

Celebrated New Year’s Eve with an early dinner and a cocktail. Home by 9pm! The menu for the evening. Bad front facing camera shot of the crew. Forgot to bang on pans or eat sauerkraut at midnight.

The first Holiday party of the season

There was food, and cookies, and punch, and a lot of good folks dressed up a little fancy.

Mt. Airy

The hiking trails in Mt. Airy are, like many, really poorly marked. Luckily getting lost with Dan is an enjoyable endeavor, the weather was perfect, and we got lots of steps on the odometer.

Cocktails & Courses

File under Great Joys in Life: Sharing a table with fine folks and a meal made by my friend Dan Mess paired with drinks by Julie (of Wine Me Dine Me Cincinnati). I’m glad I have these photos to replay every course in my mind. 1) Chardonnay Spiced Chicken Liver Mousse with Savory Shortbread & Candied Rhubarb with Sparkling Rhubarb Lemonade […]

Boating around

All photos collected here as well: Roatán on Exposure

The puzzle

Upon arrival in Roatán, Erik and Joe presented me with a gift. Months prior they’d asked if I could send over a picture of my cat Edie lounging in prayer flags and I sent it along without thinking at all about it. Turns out they made a puzzle. A meaty one, at 1008 pieces, it […]

We made beer

Went up to North High Brewing in Columbus to bottle some beer made a few weeks back. We made a red rye with clove and a straight up porter. Both turned out exceptionally well. I’d highly recommend the experience if you’re interested in the brewing process. Better yet? For some party you’re planning in the […]

Music and signs

Record release party for the Tammy Whynots at the American Sign Museum.