Kettle whistling Woke up today with an incredibly deep voice. Something is up in the ol’ throat area. Cold? Flu? Something else? I dunno. But seriously, if I sounded like this all the time I’d start a podcast immediately. (I’m writing this the day later and it got even deeper. You can hear a sample […]

Hand rolled and locally brewed

As part of their weekly tasting, The Party Source brought in an expert from PDR to hand roll cigars. It was fascinating to watch his deft movement, shaping and forming the tobacco leaf around the filler. Picked up some Dad beer afterward, because plaid makes everything taste better.


Dad, Mom and me at Acadia National Park, 1989. There is a pile of snapshots on the desk. They’re mostly photos of me that mom put together for a surprise birthday party back in December to celebrate my 40th. I need to get these photographs back to her, but I’m glad they were around today. […]