Rounding the corner

A few beautiful homes in East Walnut Hills I had previously set up an appointment with my family doctor in the throes of the cold knowing full well I’d likely be on the mend by the time I got there. Which was the caseā€”but I kept the slot because I really like talking to my […]

Reid & Richard

Cursory searches reveal I’ve known Reid and Richard since about May 2005, thanks to the early days of online journaling. Back when the internet was less… algorithmic. In all these years we’d never crossed paths and that was a shame. They were my first Facetime call, we send real-life packages back and forth from time […]


Had lunch with DJ and Joe Walsh to talk about animated logos (or as I like to call it, kinetic identity) at a place called Chako in Covington, Kentucky. Charming, authentic, simple and if you get there on a Friday (and only on a Friday), you can order the curry which comes with a bakery […]