Creative Mornings at Powerhouse

Creative Mornings Cincinnati found an excellent space for speakers at Powerhouse Factories in Newport. I got up early for the free coffee and to hear Malik Spencer talk about love and relationships.

I spoke four months ago and didn’t hear myself until now

To say I’m excited that Cincinnati now has a Creative Mornings chapter would be an understatement. I have followed the birth of these inspirational get togethers since Tina Roth Eisenberg started them back in 2008. I was even lucky enough to see a few really awesome talks while visiting New York City. When our chapter was […]

Creative Morning: Zachary Lieberman

Zachary Lieberman (right) gives a talk at a Creative Morning at the SVA in Manhattan. I’ve so much to say about his inspiring slice of time, I could go on and on and on. And I will! But I refuse to let this album get bogged down with my slow, long-form posting. These are snapshots. […]