If it seems like I go to a grocery store every other day? I probably do. Then again, I was up getting my car serviced and when you’re that close to Jungle Jim’s, you go. (Previously, when I processed photos too gloomy.)

The trees

I pass these trees each day driving to the studio, and slow to admire their huddle in the middle of a cornfield. These trees are the calendar I can’t flip ahead. I’d every intention of waiting for a complete year cycle to post these, but didn’t feel like waiting. So with a bit of jumping […]

In addition to cats, I should make a gallery just for corn

But you can see how it’s changing colors in this shot. Pretty soon we’ll be carving pumpkins and stuff.

Technology that yields

You’d think with my love of technology, I’d like it cropping up in corn. I don’t think this Pioneer stuff is genetically modified modified though—they largely deal in hybrid seed. (Which I like in my apples.) Took me a good long chunk of reading online to figure at least this much out. (And this is […]

corn row

I didn’t do a thing but resize and add a little sharpen to this puppy. The lovely and slight vignette is caused from a busted lens.